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Provincia di Campobasso
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Man of God and …business, but only for helping his neighbours!


Provvidenti, 1904 - Bologna, 1970

The Community...

Thanks to his business man spirit, he achieved numerous humanitarian works as Bishop of Lucknow. His aim was to help the thousands of have-nots who came in his presence everyday. Therefore, he founded secular female religious institute “the maids of the poor” and he had four orphanages built, 38 schools of every kind, 3 hospitals, a university, about 20 clinics and gave the go-ahead for the construction of the city Cathedral. When he came back to Bologna he founded the “Casa della formazione” for young people who didn’t have a stable future. The author of many books, speaking of his experience in India and others showing his interpretation of fate and its symbolism in various forms. Loved by all, for his spontaneous and unconditional kindness, seven years after his death, the Indian government, presided over by Indira Gandhi, requested and obtained permission for his remains to be laid to rest in the cathedral that he himself had promoted.

The Family

Of his parents, we know only the names. His father, Raffaele and his mother Maria Felice Cinelli.


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